How does employee training help you?

We all know that employee training is important for increasing employee engagement within the store. However, did you know that 40% of employees who don't receive proper training will leave their positions within the first year? That's a turn-over rate that no one wants to see. 

Instead of risking it, why not request a free online training? If you carry any of our brands' products, you are eligible for a training session with one of our highly educated reps through a custom-designed webinar. The best part is that we aren't just going to talk on and on about how awesome the products are. Instead, we will give context on nutrition and pet care that is uniquely customized to solve your employee's current challenges.

With these online training sessions, you'll receive the following benefits:

  • The ability to stand out from big-box stores and e-commerce who don't get the benefits of direct one-on-one training sessions with our reps
  • A customized training strategy which will solve your employee's current challenges when selling products within our product categories
  • A boost in employee engagement and confidence when on the selling floor (no one wants to sell what they don't know!)
  • Free samples which will allow your employees to test, feel, smell, taste, and otherwise interact with our products