Supreme Petfoods' High Quality Food for Small Pets


Experts in Small Pets

Supreme Petfoods believes that small pets deserve to be fed the very best nutrition that we can offer. If you have a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, or other small pet, Supreme is the expert resource that you should trust. Along with taking innovative approaches to the small pet food market, Supreme’s encyclopedic knowledge of the nutritional requirements of many animals has allowed them to develop veterinary recommended foods for small pets.

Their food encourages natural foraging with their unique shapes and ingredients which allows them to really stand out from the crowd. Each product is nutritionally complete and balanced and customized to each species' specific dietary needs. Both the Tiny Friends Farm and the Science Selective brands offer:

  • The highest fiber nuggets for rabbits
  • Great tasting recipes with no added sugar or molasses
  • Nutritionally complete diets for each species of small mammals
  • Free merchandising and engagement assistance (courtesy of APM) to help ensure sell-through once in store